Sound clip examples of MG Reeds

In this clip, which was just a bit of fun, Im playing an MG chanter reed in the new Ceol chanter which is made from ebony. The MG drone reeds are cane, you will see at the end of the short clip that the bass reed I made has a double tongue, I was just curious to see if it worked or not.

In this clip Graham Drummond is playing the prototype MG white Mambas at a Mcallum Bagpipes Road Show in Brittany. The White Mamba drone reeds are being played in a set of SL4 Macrae Bagpipes.

This clip is from a recent Gaelic air Tuesday challenge on Facebook. MG reeds are full cane and ridge cut chanter reed in my trusty old Lawries and my old Naill chanter

In this clip Rory Grossart is playing full MG reeds  in a Naill chanter on an set of old Lawrie drones. The chanter reed is a ridge cut and the drone reeds are cane.

The Tunes in this Clip are the beautifully melodic air Mhairi Bhan Og and the hornpipe is Raigmore. Played by Rory Grossart on a McCallum Bagpipe with  Standard MG Reeds and MG Chanter reed.

This is a reel called Kalabakan, written by P/M Angus Macdonald and played by Rory Grossart on a Set of McCallum Bagpipes using Cane MG Reeds and MG Chanter Reed.

In This Clip Rory Grossart is playing a set of Fred Morrison Small Pipes. The drones are fitted with MG Cane and an MG Smallpipe chanter reed. Rory is accompanied by Stuart McCallum on the Electronic Red Pipe.

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