We have re-opened with a reduced production capacity. For the time being this is limited to reeds only and a selection of maintenance items. We will re introduce each product as stocks become available and our decontamination processes evolve to facilitate them. Please be aware that there is a considerable amount of additional time involved in production so this may take some time to build.



Please be assured that we are committed to stringent cleaning measures and following Government guidelines, our processes will evolve as more information becomes available.

Our new home workshop station undergoes daily disinfection of all tools and materials using a combination of Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide and UV-C light sterilisation chambers.

Having conducted very thorough trials on any effect of the UV-C sterilization chamber and chemicals used we are happy that there are no detrimental effects on any goods.

All materials are put through the sterilisation chamber before, during and after construction. All goods ready for dispatched are put through the sterilisation chamber.


We are very conscious of the current situation and in order to minimise our movements dispatches will be limited to once a week, on a Friday for all orders. We apologise for any delay this may cause however we feel that this is a responsible and necessary action.

We hope that this provides you with the confidence that you require in these worrying times and hope that you all stay safe and enjoy your piping.