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MG Ridge Cut
Ridge Cut Chanter Reed

MG Ridge Cut Chanter Reed

We have been working on our bagpipe chanter reeds for quite some time now, obtaining feedback, putting them to trial, and testing them for ourselves. We are now confident the final designs will not disappoint. Numerous suppliers of cane have been tried and tested from regions around the world and we have formed a close relationship with the growers of choice to ensure that the cane we get is the best quality possible.

MG Moulded
Bagpipe Chanter Reed

MG Moulded Chanter reed

Our bagpipe chanter reeds are available as either ridge cut reeds or traditional moulded. Please specify which cut is required when ordering. The reeds have successfully lifted prizes in pipe band competitions and solo piping competitions, including the Gold medal. They have proved to be balanced, reliable and stable.

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