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New! Drone extensions for 440 concert pitch. These bushes plug into the top of your drones and will lower the pitch of them to concert pitch allowing you to quickly swap your chanter with the minimal re tuning and set up. Depending on your set up you may have to open your drone reed bridles a fraction, as the operating pressure of the drone is changed, but after the initial set up you can easily swap your drones between concert pitch and today’s higher pitch without the need for another set of reeds. Successfully trialed at the 2013 Celtic Connections opening concert by The Scottish Power Pipe band. Available in the online shop in the accessories section

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About MG Reeds

Rory Grossart, Kenny Macleod and Stuart McCallum met while playing, for many years, with the Scottish Power Pipe Band. As a successful solo competitor, and well known as having an outstanding ear for sound, Rory was approached by Stuart to give comment on his first McCallum Bagpipe chanter. So taken with the sound it produced he had no hesitation in immediately adopting it … and so began a relationship, which over the years has helped to perfect the McCallum range of bagpipes.
Natural progression has now led to the three friends uniting their knowledge and skills to bring to you drone reeds and chanter reeds for the Great Highland Bagpipe of the finest quality in both workmanship and sound....

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